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Don't forget the many services our online store offers:
  • Teachers can create their own Wishlist.  The wishlist registry can help you to remember items you wish to purchase when funds become available.  Also, everyone can find a gift for you at holidays, a birthday, or at the end of your school year ... send your wishes to a family member, friend, or school community member.
  • Don't know what to purchase for your colleague or favorite teacher?  Purchase a gift certificate from our online store.
Sharp School Services offer many other programs like the ones listed below!

Discount Card

Save 10% on thousands of educational products for one year! Sharp School Services offers a Discount Card which entitles you to a discount of  10% on all purchases for one year.  The cost of the card is $10.00.

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Lamination Services

Sharp School Services will gladly laminate your valuable products! Protect your large projects as well as smaller accessory itmes. We can accept products with a width up to 24".

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