PR408 Markerboard by Marsh Industries

PR408 Markerboard by Marsh Industries
Warehouse Special
The Pro-Rite Markerbaord is the highest quality board available from Marsh Industries.  This white porcelein steel surface is magnetic with aluminum trim.  Includes full length markertray.   Also Includes map rail at top of board. Size: 4' x 8'
In-Stock Quantity: 1 each
Retail Price: $672.00           Warehouse Special Price: $400.00

Manufacturer ID:SSSPR408-1481-6100

Retro Fit Markerboards by Marsh

Retro Fit Markerboards by Marsh

Marsh Retro-Fit Magnetic White Boards for dry erase markers install directly over existing boards – converting old classroom boards into new white boards with very little trouble.
Factory-drilled holes in the aluminum frame allow quick and easy installation.

Size: 168" w x 47" h.    (Technically only half of board, includes unfinished side and h-bar).
**(2-3" spot of damage on front of board along the bottom edge).  
                     Warehouse Special Price: $300.00

Manufacturer ID:WS MARRF168W47hH

Hokki Stools

Hokki Stools
Oops!  We ordered the wrong size - So here they are for a limited time... 15"  Hokki Stools by VS.
Don't wait for those long lead times from VS on these Hokki stools!

The Hokki Stool is made from sturdy, durable, and extremely scratch resistant polypropylene.  Slight seat recess, filled with soft plastic foam for comfort. Facilitates free mobility under controlled conditions thanks to rounded set-down surfaces which stimulate the full apparatus of movement.  Easy to transport and can be stacked.

3825-15R         15" Height    Color: Black         Special Price: $80.00 each  (Only 12 In-Stock!)


Manufacturer ID:VS 382515R

AmTab 48" Round Cafe Table

AmTab 48

AmTab Shaped Cafeteria Tables without seats feature well balanced table top construction with a Dyna-Rock edge for stability and sanitation.  Features torsion bar balanced mechanism throughout.  All table legs are 14 ga. x 1 1/4" square and 14 ga. 1 1/16" round steel tubing.  All table frames are built solid, with 14 ga. x 3" wide-formed channel steel.  Color: Oak Top

       List Price: $1970.00
       Warehouse Special Price: $120.00  (1 - Available!)

Manufacturer ID:WS AMTMRD48SSS75

AmTab Bar Height T-Leg Base, 42" Height

AmTab Bar Height T-Leg Base, 42

uitable for most training tables or bar height tables, we have aquired some of these AmTab Swerve Table Bases for bar height (42" high) tables.  Sturdy 16-gauge steel frame construction that is built to endure daily use.
Silver Paint Finish.
                        Warehouse Special Price: $75.00 per set   (4 sets In-Stock!)

Manufacturer ID:WS AMTLTSW42EG75

VS Euroline Table, 30" High

VS Euroline Table, 30

Euroline 30" High Table

The VS Euroline Table frame consists of four-sided rectangular tubular-steel top frame with welded-on round tubular-steel legs, powder-coated.  Legs fitted with levelling screws. Table top of melamine-resin coated LIGNOpal chipboard with glued-on (KU) plastic or (BU) beech edges and square corners.  Size: 55-1/8" w x 27- 5/8" d x 30" h,    Legs include 2 casters and 2 glides.
Color: Maple top w/ Anthracite metal finish.
Maple Top/ Frame: Arctic                Warehouse Special Price: $230.00 (1 In-Stock)
Maple Top/ Frame: Anthracite        Warehouse Special Price: $230.00 (1 In-Stock)

Manufacturer ID:WS VS1002S223XXW
Sharp ID:WS VS1002S223XXW

VS Flip-RU Tables

VS Flip-RU Tables

VS flip tables are constructed of a centrally positioned tubular-steel crosspiece with an articulated bracket.  Folding action can be activated with a two-hand safety actuator under the table top.  Fitting for securing the table top in the horizontal and vertical positions and optionally with a table connector.  Table top made of LIGNOpal-coated (melamine resin) chipboard with plastic, wood or PU edge. All of the following tables have rectangle tops.

60" w x 30" d               Table Height: 30"        Top: Maple/ Frame: Anthracite
        Reg. Price: $564.00      Warehouse Special Price: $ 375.00 each  (9 In-Stock)

55-1/8" w x 27-5/8" d    Table Height: 30"        Top: Maple/ Frame: Anthracite
        Reg. Price: $544.00      Warehouse Special Price: $ 330.00 each  (1 In-Stock)
                                       (Has mesh screen/wire holder on the bottom of the table)

Price:$330.00 - $375.00
Manufacturer ID:WSVS21029 WSVS21030

Science Lab Stools (24" High)

Science Lab Stools (24


6200 Series Heavy Duty Lab Stools by National Public Seating are perfect for classroom and studio use. They feature a steel tubing frame, footring welded with 4 contact points on each leg and optional adjustable backrest. The Masonite board is recessed into the seat pan to protect the seat from cracks and chips.  18 gauge steel tubing.  14" diameter seat with 11.5" dia. masonite board center.  Footrings: 5/8 O.D.
Color: Grey
Regular Price: $49.80 each
      Warehouse Special Price: $32.00 each (48 in-stock)


Manufacturer ID:WSNPS6224--GA2132A762413

Thumbprint Stackable Desk

Thumbprint Stackable Desk


VS Thumbprint Stackable Desks have frames consisting of partly outward-offset, welded round steel tube legs with a central casing frame of rectangular steel tube, in each case powder-coated.  Tables with 2 plastic glides and two casters.
Table tops are made from melamine resin-coated chipboard with glued plastic edge or a rigid CDF fibre board or high-strength solid HPL top. The corners have 1/8’’ rounding.  The two mirror-inverted concave-convex basic shapes can be combined in a variety of ways into circles, rows and groups. The table can stacked 6 times in the parked position and is fitted with stacking protection on the underside of the casing frame.   Table Height: 30" - Blue Dot. 

  Model 1440 (Convex)  Warehouse Special Price: $195.00 each (Top: Maple/Frame: Arctic) (2 In-Stock)
  Model 1440 (Convex)  Warehouse Special Price: $195.00 each (Top: White/Frame: Arctic) (2 In-Stock)
  Model 1441 (Concave)  Warehouse Special Price: $195.00 each (Top: Maple/Frame: Arctic) (3 In-Stock)
  Model 1441 (Concave)  Warehouse Special Price: $195.00 each (Top: White/Frame: Arctic) (2 In-Stock)

Manufacturer ID:WSVS 1440 WSVS 1441

VS Lite Tables

VS Lite Tables


The LiteTable is a stackable lightweight table. The leg elements of round aluminum tube are pressed onto and screwed to the rectangular aluminum tube top frame using high-strength corner connectors. The legs and the top frame are powder-coated. Due to the inner and outer legs arranged in pairs, the tables can be stacked. Depending on how they are turned, they can be arranged in rows without gaps. The top frame is fitted with both stacking and gliding protection.  (Rectangle) Top Size: 27 - 5/8" x 19 -3/4" or 27 -5/8" x 21- 5/8." 

Lite Table w/ Laminate Top  (25" High) Top: Maple/ Frame: Arctic  Special Price: $170.00 (1 In-Stock)
       (has tote tray rails)

Lite Table w/ Ligno Dur Top (30" High) Top: Maple/ Frame: Arctic  Special Price: $170.00 (1 In-Stock)
Lite Table w/ Ligno Dur Top (30" High) Top: White/ Frame: Turquoise  Special Price: $170.00 (1 In-Stock)

Manufacturer ID:WSVS2512 WS21090

VS Fusion Flip Table

VS Fusion Flip Table


Centrally positioned tubular steel cross-piece with an articulated bracket.  These multi-purpose tables can be folded using a two-handed safety mechanism under the table top.  It has a fitting to secure the table in both the horizontal and vertical positions.  Tables come with high-strength HPL tops.
Size: 55 1/2" x 31."   
Table Height: (Blue Dot) 30" High
Reg. List Price: $755 - $850 each

Top color: White/ Frame: Arctic       Warehouse Special Price: $464.00 (1 In-Stock )
Top color: Maple/ Frame: Arctic       Warehouse Special Price: $464.00 (1 In-Stock )

Manufacturer ID:WSVSLCMB453XA701446

VS Rondo Lift Tables

VS Rondo Lift Tables


Multi-purpose tables with frames comprising a round central leg/post and a four- or five-foot star-shaped base made from rectangular section, all powder-coated. Leg/post with integrated gas-filled strut and hand switch on the table-top edge. The hand switch is fitted with a safety cover to protect against unintentional deployment of the gas-filled strut. Star-shaped base with lockable castors or with glide elements.
Table tops made of melamine resin, linoleum or veneer coated chipboard with glued-on plastic or wooden edges. Also with high-strength HPL solid core plate. Round or square tables (from 90 cm) optionally with a folding and sliding table top for safe transport.
Table Heights Adjust from 28" - 45 1/4" high.

Barrel Shape Top  47 1/4" x 33 1/8"   Top: Walnut/ Frame: Arctic
Reg. List Price: $1715.00   Warehouse Special Price: $1084.00  (1 In-Stock)

Price:$954 - $1079
Manufacturer ID: WSVS2829LA76B1029LS554

Tri Table Student Desk

Tri Table Student Desk


Student desks that can be rearraged and configured for group work!  Frame made from welded round tubular steel legs with rectangular tubular steel top frame, all powder-coated. Table with glide elements for hard or soft floorings or with 2C universal glide elements.
Table top is a right-angle triangle (with two equal sides) made from melamine resin or laminate-coated chipboard with glued plastic edge or with a high-density, solid HPL top, both with rounded corners (radius 25 mm).
Many combinations possible to form rows or group workspaces. The tables are stackable up to a height of eight tables and are equipped with stack protection at the lower edge of the frame.
Size: 43 3/4" x 31 1/2" x 31 1/2."
Regular List Price: $320.00

1426   Top Color: Maple/ Frame: Arctic   (Blue Dot - 30" Fixed Height)  
             Warehouse Special Price: $220.00 (Only 1 desk In-Stock!)

Manufacturer ID:WSVS01426LL7CBTD192LB611

Tri Union Stand At Table

Tri Union Stand At Table


Here's a VS table you can arrange in various combinations or form rows to have work groups.  Table frames are made from welded, screwed, round tubular steel legs with rectangular tubular steel top frame and foot support. All powder-coated. Optionally available with chrome-plated foot support ans plastic kick protection. Table with castors or glide elements for hard or soft floorings.
Table tops have (right-angle triangle with two equal sides) made from melamine-resin coated chipboard with glued plastic edge or highly compacted tops (HPL). All table tops with rounded corners.
Size: 64 1/2" x 46 1/4" x 46 1/4."
Height: 41 3/4"
Reg. List Price: $860.00

 # 1476   Top Color: White/ Frame: Black/Chrome   Warehouse Special Price: $602.00 ( Only 1 In-Stock!)

Manufacturer ID:WSVS1476LA6CBBL516LCT46A

EZ Riser, 3 Levels

EZ Riser, 3 Levels


AmTab's mobile e-z risers are used every day throughout the world in multi-purpose environments. These high-quality state-of-the-art choral risers are safe, durable, easy to operate, and a great long-term value. All AmTab risers are 100% Made in the USA, LEED 2009 certified, ANSI/BIFMA x7.1 certified, MAS Green certified.  AmTab risers are perfect for heavy-use and heavy-turn settings providing years of trusted service.  The three levels fit 12-16 students.  Overall Size: 53" x 72" x 72."
Built-in back rail for safety.  Powerful custom built high-speed for finger lift operation.
Color: Grey Carpet/ Black Metal
List Price: $5152.00
Warehouse Special Price: $350.00 (Hurry - Only 1 Available!)

Manufacturer ID:WSAMTPCR3LA690BB1074BXAPR3