Retro Fit Markerboards by Marsh

Retro Fit Markerboards by Marsh

Marsh Retro-Fit Magnetic White Boards for dry erase markers install directly over existing boards – converting old classroom boards into new white boards with very little trouble.
Factory-drilled holes in the aluminum frame allow quick and easy installation.

Size: 44-3/4" x 72-1/4"          Warehouse Special Price: $190.00

Manufacturer ID:WS MARRFTF324X14472

TablEx Fundamental Series Table, 48" x 48"

TablEx Fundamental Series Table, 48

Large installations in schools and offices often dictate the need for a durable, versatile, and budget conscious table options.  The TablEx Fundamental Table Series meets these needs and also makes installation easy.
This 48" x 48" table is mounted on a sturdy X-shaped pedestal base.  The black table base is static (non-folding).
Top Color: Cherry.  Edge: Grey.

Model #02SQ4848X38 GA    List Price: $686.00          
  Warehouse Special Price: $120.00
               (only 1 Table Available!)

Manufacturer ID:WS TX 02SQ4848X38 GA

Ovation Stack Chairs

Ovation Stack Chairs

The Scholar Craft Ovation series starts with a seat constructed of heavy duty and static free, high-density polypropylene material with a light grain surface, injection molded into a one-piece shell unit with 17 heavy-duty reinforcing structural ribs. The ergonomically designed opening in the shell back provides added comfort as well as a handle grip. The shell is attached to the frame with steel rivets underneath the seat, which offers no exposed hardware on the surface.  Chrome frames.

3116CO  16" Height   Color: Black        23 In-Stock!
Regular Price: $62.00 each     Now: $14.00 each!

Manufacturer ID:WS28SC3116CODS WS24SC3114COTB

AmTab 48" Round Cafe Table

AmTab 48

AmTab Shaped Cafeteria Tables without seats feature well balanced table top construction with a Dyna-Rock edge for stability and sanitation.  Features torsion bar balanced mechanism throughout.  All table legs are 14 ga. x 1 1/4" square and 14 ga. 1 1/16" round steel tubing.  All table frames are built solid, with 14 ga. x 3" wide-formed channel steel.  Color: Oak Top

       List Price: $791.00
       Warehouse Special Price: $150.00  (1 - Available!)

Manufacturer ID:WS AMTMRD48SSS75

AmTab Bar Height T-Leg Base, 42" Height

AmTab Bar Height T-Leg Base, 42

uitable for most training tables or bar height tables, we have aquired some of these AmTab Swerve Table Bases for bar height (42" high) tables.  Sturdy 16-gauge steel frame construction that is built to endure daily use.
Silver Paint Finish.
                        Warehouse Special Price: $125.00 per set   (4 sets In-Stock!)

Manufacturer ID:WS AMTLTSW42EG75

Two Piece Racetrack Conference Table, 192" x 48"

Two Piece Racetrack Conference Table, 192

Maverick Desk Two Piece Racetrack Conference Table with (3 sets) square
panel legs (12" d x 24" w x 28" h.)
Maverick’s products use of recycled and recyclable materials, their selection of environmentally-friendly supplies, their recycling of all possible wastes, and their efforts to eliminate or reduce waste puts them in the forefront of companies that strive to act responsibly.  
Color: Seattle Cherry
Please note: there is light damage and scratches to the conference top

              Regular Price:  $2225.00
              Warehouse Special Price: $ 600.00    (Only 1 Available!)

Manufacturer ID:WSMVD1384MMRT48192RR

Ovation Teacher Task Chair

Ovation Teacher Task Chair

This Star Base Task Chair has a 5 spoke frame made of a high strength polymer with 5 dual 2" hooded caster for use on carpets.  14 gauge seat support frame is welded to a 12 gauge seat support plate with insert for gas lift.  The one-piece shell unit is made with havy duty, static free high density polypropylene material with a light grain surface.   It is injected into a shell unit with 17 heavy duty reinforcing structural ribs.  The ergonomically designed opening in the shell back provides added comfort as well as a handle grip.
Shell Color: Black
Casters: Carpet
Warehouse Special Price: $95.00 each (2 In-Stock)

Manufacturer ID:WSSC310DS

138 Uptown™ Entrance Mats

138 Uptown™ Entrance Mats

138 Uptown™ Entrance Mats


Superior Manufacturing offers these upscale looped pile entrance mats that offer the ultimate in moisture absorption and crush resistance in the heaviest traffic areas.
  • 40 oz. face weight
  • Thickness: 3/8"
  • Hevyweight vinyl non-slip backing
  • Recommended and approved product as part of the GreenTrax Program for "Green Cleaning" environments
Sizes Available:
         6' x 14'       Warehouse Special Price: $220.00 each (2 -In Stock!)
         6' x 10'       Warehouse Special Price: $180.00  (1 - In Stock!)
(All mats In Stock are Charcoal color)

Price:Price Varies
Manufacturer ID:SR 138 Uptown Series

WMC Recovery Lounge Top Cushion

WMC Recovery Lounge Top Cushion

Top cusion for WMC Recovery Lounge unit.  Upholstered with advanced BeatyGard which protects against bacteria, fungus, mildew, and oil.  This material is also easy to wipe-down and sterilize between uses.
Approx. size: 52" L x 27" w.
                     Warehouse Special Price: $109.00 each
                     (1 ea. Dove and 1 ea. Dutch Blue In-stock)

Manufacturer ID:WMC*8902PC1

Jonti Craft 25 Tray Mobile Cubbie

Jonti Craft 25 Tray Mobile Cubbie

Organization at its best with 25 cubbie trays.  48" wide x 15" deep x 35.5" high.  Mobile, caster mounted.  Back options available.  Lifetime warranty.
*KYDZTuff finish resists stains, won't yellow and is easy to clean.
*KYDZSafe edges are fully rounded.
** This Unit is missing 2 Shelves **
          Regular List Price: $689.50
          Warehouse Special Price: $110.00

Manufacturer ID:WS413*04260JC GA

Berries Flower Table 60" Diameter

Berries Flower Table 60

Jonti-Craft presents the Berries Classroom Activity Tables with Color Bands. These classroom activity tables with strong laminated top surfaces are powerful enough to withstand rugged usage by kids. Two adjustable height ranges make these tables an option for for toddlers (preschool) all the way up to adults.
Thermofused laminate table top 1-1/8" thick.  Powdercoat and metallic finish leg uppers.
Top Color: Maple
Edge: Black
***Table has slight damage - on top surface **
                                      List Price: $ 419.00
                                     Warehouse Special Price: $140.00

Manufacturer ID:WS251**JON6458

Scholar Craft 2 Thrive Cantilever Chair, 16"

Scholar Craft 2 Thrive Cantilever Chair, 16

2 Thrive Ribless Flexible Cantilever Leg Chair

Scholar Craft's 2Thrive cantilever leg chairs are tough school chairs with fully chromed 14 gauge legs.   The chairs feature an ergonominc seat shell design that provides extra back support for students. No structural ribs, no unsightly lines, substantial construction with no voids or cavities.  16" Height.
                                   List Price: $272.00
          Warehouse Special Price: $14.00 (9 each In-Stock Lime/GoGo Green)

Manufacturer ID:WSSC73**5416

Scholar Craft 2 Thrive Swivel Poly Chair

Scholar Craft 2 Thrive Swivel Poly Chair

2 Thrive Swivel Poly Task Chair

Scholar Craft offers this great swivel task chair that features a one-piece shell with waterfall edge.  The shell is injection molded polypropylene, matched with a solid frame and 5 star base.  The seat adjusts from 15" to 20."
The lower portion of the frame is welded to two 3" x 8.5"  12 ga. plates which are MIG welded to extra heavy duty 12 ga. seat support plate.                        
               List Price: $451.00
              Warehouse Special Price: $90.00 ( 1ea. In-Stock Lime/GoGoGreen)

Manufacturer ID:WSSC128**510TB

Apex Vertical File, 4 Drawer

Apex Vertical File, 4 Drawer

Enwork's vertical all steel files are well designed and feature locking drawers.
The four drawer unit measures 51.5" h x 28" d  x 15" w and has full extension drawer suspensions.
Non-locking file units.  Color: Black
                  Regular Price: $479.00 each
                  Warehouse Special Price: $90.00 each (2 each In-Stock!)

Manufacturer ID:SSSWS*371AA11.AVFR1

Maverick Pedestal Box/Box/File

Maverick Pedestal Box/Box/File

Maverick Pedestal Box/Box/File.  Fully finished, letter size, 2-1/2" kickbase.  Laminate hpl surfaces.
Size: 23" d x 16" w x 27 -5/8" h.    Drawer depth: 20"  
Laminate Color: Black
                     List Price: $749.00
                     Warehouse Special Price: $80.00 (1 each In-Stock)