Hokki Stools

Hokki Stools
Oops!  We ordered the wrong size - So here they are for a limited time... 15" & 18"  Hokki Stools by VS.
Don't wait for those long lead times from VS on these Hokki stools!

The Hokki Stool is made from sturdy, durable, and extremely scratch resistant polypropylene.  Slight seat recess, filled with soft plastic foam for comfort. Facilitates free mobility under controlled conditions thanks to rounded set-down surfaces which stimulate the full apparatus of movement.  Easy to transport and can be stacked.

3825-18B        18" Height    Color: Black            Special Price: $88.00 each  (Only 1 In-stock!)
                        18" Height     Color: Dk. Green    Special Price: $88.00 each  (Only 1 In-Stock!)
                        18" Height     Color: Lime Green   Special Price: $88.00 each  (Only 1 In-Stock!)

3825-15R        15" Height    Color: Black         Special Price: $85.00 each  (Only 20 In-Stock!)
                        15" Height    Color: Orange      Special Price: $85.00 each  (Only 2 In-Stock!)
 15" Height    Color: White         Special Price: $85.00 each  (Only 1 In-Stock!)
                        15" Height    Color: Pink           Special Price: $85.00 each  (Only 1 In-Stock!)


Price:$85 - $88
Manufacturer ID:VS 382515R 382518R