Illusions 7204 Base Cabinet with Doors & Shelves

Illusions 7204 Base Cabinet with Doors & Shelves

The Fleetwood Illusions line of mobile cabinetry gives you the total flexibility that is valued by educators, with the built-in look that architects want. The cabinets roll into place and are locked together with Fleetwood's patented locking system. High quality panel-on-panel all laminate construction. Available with or without casters and backsplash. Shelves are 1" thick and adjustable. Full 10-Year warranty!

The 7204 Base Cabinet with Doors is available with one or two adjustable shelves and Locking Doors.  Available in 30" and 36" heights.

For other sizes,options, or larger quantities, please contact your Sharp School Services representative for pricing.

Model # Description List Price
GSS1362029LD 2 Adj. Shelves, 2 Lckng Drs, 36" w x 30" h x 26" d $1794.00
GSS1362037LD 2 Adj. Shelves, 2 Lckng Drs, 36" w x 36" h x 26" d $1922.00
GSS1482029LD 2 Adj. Shelves, 2 Lckng Drs, 48" w x 30" h x 26" d $2004.00
GSS1482037LD 2 Adj. Shelves, 2 Lckng Drs, 48" w x 36" h x 26" d $2104.00

Illusions Cabinet Options
Color Options:Body/Trim/Top Base Cabinets
01=Light Oak/Light Oak/Light Oak 6=Casters & Levelers/Square Corners/Backsplash
03=Light Oak/Brown/Light Oak 7=Casters & Levelers/Round Corners/Backsplash
04=Light Oak/Black/Light Oak 8=Casters & Levelers/Square Corners/No Backsplash
05=Light Oak/Black/Black 9=Casters & Levelers/Round Corners/No Backsplash
11=Dark Oak/Dark Oak/Dark Oak Pull
12=Dark Oak/Black/Dark Oak 0=No Pull
23=Walnut/Black/Walnut 1=Chrome Wire
24=Walnut/Walnut/Walnut 2=Black Flush
31=Oiled Cherry/Oiled Cherry/Oiled Cherry 6=Black Wire
32=Oiled Cherry/Black/Oiled Cherry Hinge
41=Country Maple/Maple/Country Maple 0=No Hinge
42=Country Maple/Black/Country Maple 1=Chrome European
51=Cactus Star/Black/Cactus Star 2=Chrome Hospital Tip
53=Mahogany/Mahogany/Mahogany 3=Black Hospital Tip
54=Mahogany/Black/Mahogany 4=Brown Hospital Tip
59=Gray/Gray/Black 5=Gray Hospital Tip
70=Grey Nebula/Black/Grey Nebula  
79=Etched Grey/Black/Etched Grey  
85=Fusion Maple/Maple/Fusino Maple  
86=Fusion Maple/Black/Fusion Maple  
90=Medium Oak/Medium Oak/Medium Oak  
91=Medium Oak/Black/Medium Oak  

Price:$1794.00 - $2104.00
Manufacturer ID:FWGSS13620.XXX FWGSS14820.XXX