Tech Tub2 Charging Cart

Tech Tub2 Charging Cart
Copernicus Tech Tub 2 10 Device Trolley (FT1010)

The Tech Tub2 was designed to Fit your devices, suit your budget, and it goes where you go! Developed with input from members of the Copernicus Idea Lab educator advisory team, the new Tech Tub2 offers an affordable, flexible and mobile solution for charging and storing devices used in PreK-8 classrooms. The Premium Tech Tub Trolley includes two Premium Tech Tub2 units which hold 10 iPads, Chromebooks™ or tablets. Store, charge and carry your devices anywhere in the school with ease.
List Price: $540.00         Warehouse Special Price: $318.00

Manufacturer ID:SSS WSCOP312/FT1010TB

Ovation Series SC3200 Student Desk with Book Box

Ovation Series SC3200 Student Desk with Book Box


The tradition of quality manufacturing that has been in place for over 50 years continues with this line of updated, modern lines.  Scholar Craft's 3200 series is a highly versatile desk with outstanding strength and with light weight.  Black Frame with Grey Solid Plastic Top.
  • Frame 1 1/8" diameter, 18 gauge nickel chrome plated for long life and ease of cleaning
  • Adjustable height from 22" to 29" in one-inch increments
  • Innovative assembly unitizes the legs, book box and top creating a stable and steadfast unit
  • Book Box is one-piece molded polypropylene provides ample storage
  • Book Box is available in several different color, that match chairs to provide unity in the classroom
  • The solid plastic work surface is made of 5/8" solid plastic smooth and stain resistant
  • Glides are 5/8" outside gripping, silent, rubber cushioned, swivel of self-leveling 1" minimum diameter, with a flat bottom and chrome plated finish
            Regular List Price : $186.00
           Warehouse Special Price: $68.00 each (50 In-Stock!)

Manufacturer ID:SSS WSSC3200DS

HON Fixed Height Rectangular Table, 30 x 60

HON Fixed Height Rectangular Table, 30 x 60

Hon's Motivate Tables are versatile training tables designed to help you maximize the functionality of your office space. This particular rectangular table utilizes a fixed base to provide you with a sturdy surface that gives you plenty of room to work.

These affordable training tables are designed to be your surface solution. With their lightweight and easy maneuverability you can arrange your tables as individual desks, collaborative workstations, a training room or even a conference table. Move from one set up to the other in minutes. Ready for anything, a group of Hon Motivate Table can accomplish what used to take several different sets of furniture, ultimately saving you money and space.
Size: 30" x 60"
Edge: Squared Edge (2MM) - Gives the table a modern look
Laminate: Skyline Walnut     Edge: Skyline Walnut
Multi-surface Casters
Frame Color: Platinum Metallic
                                      List Price: $942.00
                             Warehouse Special Price: $435.00 each (4-In Stock!)

Manufacturer ID:SSS WSHON-HMVR3060G-GA

OFM 4 Leg Executive Side Chair (ESS 9010)

OFM 4 Leg Executive Side Chair (ESS 9010)

OFM 4 leg Executive Side Chairs feature a modern, luxurious design with padded seat, back and armrests upholstered in black SofThread leather.  The sturdy black steel tube frame holds up to heavy use.
Wall-saver design prevents seat back from damaging surfaces.  Chairs can stack up to 4 high for easy storage.
250 pound weight capacity.
Seat size: 20" w x 19" d.
 Back:  21" w x 18" h
Seat height: 18.5"
Overall height: 32.75"
Overall width: 25"
                                      Regular List Price: $149.99
                   Warehouse Special Price: $90.00 each (8 In-stock !)

Manufacturer ID:WS SSSES49ESS-9010GA

Shift + ThumbPrint Stackable Tables

Shift + ThumbPrint Stackable Tables

Here are some ideal VS classroom tables that can be configured in many ways to suit your individual classroom needs.  The tables are stackable and feature 2 casters and 2 plastic glides for easy mobility, if necessary.
Frames consisting of partly outward-offset, welded round steel tube legs with a central casing frame of rectangular steel tube, in each case powder-coated. Partly with tube-in-tube hexagon key height adjustment (see table). Tables with 2 plastic, felt or 2C universal glide elements and 2 lockable casters.
Tops are made of melamine-resin coated LIGNOpal chipboard with glued-on plastic edge.
Unless noted, tables have Grey-White Tops (031) and edge color with Anthracite color frames.

Model #0144030B   Convex  30" Blue dot height     (6 In- Stock!)
Model #0144130B    Concave  30" Blue dot height     (3 In-Stock!)
Model #0144023Y   Convex   23 1/4" Yellow dot height  Frame: Arctic  (11 In-Stock!)
Model #0144123Y  Concave 23 1/4" Yellow dot height   Frame: Arctic  (11 On-Stock!)
Model #0144025R  Convex   25 1/4" Red dot height      (2 In-Stock!)
Model #0144125R   Concave 25 1/4" Red dot height    (3 In-Stock)

We also have some stock of tables with Walnut color tops (see below):

Model #0144025R  Convex   25 1/4" Red dot height      (5 In-Stock!)
Model #0144125R   Concave 25 1/4" Red dot height    (7 In-Stock)
Model #0144030B   Convex  30" Blue dot height  w/ Actic frame  (1 In- Stock!)
Model #0144130B    Concave  30" Blue dot height  w/ Arctic frame (3 In-Stock!)
Model #0144130B    Concave  30" Blue dot height Anthractite frame (1 In-Stock!)

  List Price: $284.00 each          Warehouse Special Price: $203.00 each!

Manufacturer ID:DS WSVS170HEVS01440/01441

Overhead Wall Mount Cabinet with Doors

Overhead Wall Mount Cabinet with Doors

Maverick Desk Apex Series 42" Wide Overheads feature tops and chassis that are 1" durable thermally-fused laminate construction on 45 lb. industrial strength particle board.  Each cabinet is wall mountable, with a 35lb. weight capacity and includes laminate hinged doors.  Size: 42" w x 14.75" d x 18.5" h.
Color: Charcoal Grey with Driftwood Doors.
Includes optional tackboard.
      Regular List Price: $1030.00        Warehouse Special Price: $499.00 (1 Unit Available!)


RCP Firm Series Crescent 18" Diameter

RCP Firm Series Crescent 18

Tenjam Firm RCP Crescent Lounge Stool, 18" Diameter

Tenjam is possibly the first manufacturer in the world to incorporate recovered coastal plastic (RCP) into high performance furniture and the first to incorporate BIONIC® Polymer into any type of product. BIONIC® Polymer is made with plastic recovered from shorelines, waterways, and coastal communities.

We have all stepped over trash on the ground. It’s everywhere. Sometimes we pick it up. Most of the time we ignore it. What happens to all of this trash? We know the plastic trash will not decompose. Instead it continues to break into micro pieces as the wind and rain moves it throughout our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Nearly every species on the planet has mistaken plastic as food. The plastic in the ocean is the most devastating to all life on the planet.
RCP (Group of Plastics)  This is a mountain of recovered plastic trash: plastic packaging, grocery bags, drinkware, dinnerware, toys, toothbrushes, baskets, tarps, abandoned marine gear & fishing gear (buoys, ropes, buckets, nets.) Most are from one-time-use items that are now broken into tiny pieces. We need to reduce using one-time-use plastics and only choose durable plastic products that can provide many years of use and be easily recycled.

Utilizing BIONIC® Polymer, Tenjam has made a giant leap forward in recycled materials and proven that Recovered Coastal Plastic (RCP) can be economically recovered, recycled, and turned into high performance products suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Tenjam FIRM products are 100% recyclable.

Item #11401AX RCP Crescent, 13.5" H x 18" diameter.  Reg. Price:$159.95 each
                Warehouse Special Price: $129.00 (1 unit in-stock)

Item #11401BX RCP Crescent, 16.5" H x 18" diameter.  Reg. Price:$178.95 each
                Warehouse Special Price: $142.00 (2 in-stock)

                In-Stock color : Pure Green

Price:$129 - $142
Manufacturer ID:WSTJ/114/11401AXDS WSRJ/130/11401BXDS

2Thrive Student Chair, 16" H with Casters

2Thrive Student Chair, 16

Modern ergonomics, collaborative flexibility & stunning good looks, 2Thrive is Scholar Craft's premier seating option for the 21st Century Classroom.  This four leg stack chair has legs formed of 16-gauge, 1 1/8" full-tube steel.  Includes book rack (not pictured) and casters.
Height: 16"
Shell Color: Go Go Green
Frame: Anthracite                 Regular Price: $79.50 each
                                   Warehouse Special Price: $45.00 each (24 In-Stock)

Sharp ID:WSSC5116BRC

Sidekick Student Desk with Bookbox

Sidekick Student Desk with Bookbox

The Fleetwood Furniture Sidekick table can stand alone for 1 student and easily combines with the other Inspire Collection tables to create a fun variety in the classroom.  Size: 30" w x 28" h x 24" d.
Laminate: Maple.   Frame: Quick Silver.
  • Unitized welded frame 4 leg table with 1-1/2" diameter round tube legs
  • 3/4" thick thermally fused laminate top finished with 3mm edge band on rounded corners. Other 3/4" thick top choices are High Pressure Laminate, Marker Board High Pressure Laminate or High Pressure Laminate over phenolic resin core
  • Fixed height at 28."
  • Includes casters, and bookbox (not pictured)
                              List Price: $337.00 each
               Warehouse Special Price : $130.00 each ( 18 In-Stock!)              

Sharp ID:WSFWin.308043.XX

Maverick Single Pedestal Desk (Left)

Maverick Single Pedestal Desk (Left)

Maverick desks are constructed with 1" TFM (thermally fused melamine) on industrial quality 45 lb. particleboard.  Desks have 2 mm thermally-fused PVC edgebanding.  Metal-to-metal connection fittings are installed for bridges & returns.  The chassis construction also utilizes TFM and is fastened by screws, steel brackets, and /or concealed fasteners. 
3/4 pedestal is standard with Maverick Desks; double-wall pedestal housing construction.
1" thick end panels on desks, returns, credenzas, and bookcases.
Desks come standard with ladjustable leveling glides.
Drawer interiors feature constuction of 9-ply birch wood.
Pedestals come in box/box/file configuration.
Box drawers have full-extension, progressive-action slides with precision steel ball bearings.
(Shown in Maple - In-Stock Color is Expresso).  Pulls: (H14) Long Bar

            Regular Price: $690.00
       Warehouse Special Price: $425.00 (Only 1 Unit In-Stock!)

Manufacturer ID:WSMVD337/EX/MCS2448LGA