Double Sided Portable Drying Rack

Double Sided Portable Drying Rack
AWT Double Sided Portable Drying Rack (DR24-80)

Without a special drying rack, art projects can literally take over a classroom and leave you with no space while work dries. Depending on how many sheets have to dry at once, these drying racks let you dry projects from an entire class while taking up minimal space. This high capacity, 80-shelf unit can really hold a great many sheets while not overloading your space considerations. One unique feature of the Port-O-Rack design is that it allows narrow, rigid products such as fiberboard, cardboard or plastic to extend beyond the individual shelves.
This AWT drying rack features a new frame design for faster assembly so the 80 lightweight shelves snap into place quickly and easily. Rubber bumpers maintain the proper shelf spacing while all steel-construction provides a super-sturdy frame. Shelves are: 18" x 24."
Dimensions: 39.25" w x 25" d x 43" h, (53.5" h with top shelf pushed up).

                                                   List Price: $1290.00

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Manufacturer ID:AWT DR24-80