Mobile Bench Table

Mobile Bench Table
AmTab Mobile Bench Tables are equipped with a torsion bar balanced mechanism, custom high-speed gas cylinder stabilizer with a 15 year warranty.  For work safety the "EZ-Lift" operates with ease for opening and closing.  All 14 gauge steel and tube construction for strength and durability.  EZ-Autolock for use by hand from either side of the table.  EZ-Free multiple entrances for seating and for a better environment.

Model Number Size (D x W X H) List Price
MBT8 34" x 56" x 59" $4525.00
MBT10 34" x 56" x 69" $4847.00
MBT12 34" x 56" x 81.5" $5032.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$4525 - $5032
Manufacturer ID:ATAB MBT8 MBT10 MBT12

Mobile Stool Table

Mobile Stool Table
AmTab Stool Tables are equipped with a torsion bar balanced mechanism, and feature strong 14 gauge, 1 1/4" legs, and square steel tubing.  Square steel tube columns eliminates stool spinning and allows easier and faster installation.  All table frames are made of 14 ga. x 3" wide formed channel steel.  All stools are strong ABS plastic material, and are 14" dia. round for added comfort.  Custom floor glides for floor safety and for wider floor support.

Model Number of Stools Table & Stool Heights Table L x W Folded W x D x H List Price
MST88 8 29" - 17"  27" - 15" 25" -13"  8' 1" x 30" 60" x 33" x 56"  $4210.00
MST1012 12 29" - 17"  27" - 15" 25" -13" 10' 1" x 30" 60" x 38" x 75"  $4892.00
MST1212 12 29" - 17"  27" - 15" 25" -13" 12' 1" x 30" 60" x 38" x 80"  $5343.00
MST1216 16 29" - 17"  27" - 15" 25" -13" 12' 1" x 30" 60" x 39' x 83"  $5381.00
MSE1012 12 29" - 17" 10' 1" x 46" 77" x 40" x 75"  $5672.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$4210 - $5672
Manufacturer ID:ATAB MST88 MST1012 MST1212 MST1216 MSE1012

Round Table

Round Table
AmTab Round Tables feature a heavy-duty custom High-Speed gas cylinder mechanism with a 15 year warranty.
A gravity lock, rod and detent locking mechanism locks the table firmly in open and closed positions and is capable of operating the table from either side.  Square steel tube columns emininates stool spinning and for easier and faster seat installation.  Tables with uniform seat spacing allows EZ-Free access to stool or bench for seating.  DynaRock tough edges.  Bench and stool may be combined for maximum seating.

Model No. of Stools or Benches Height Diameter List Price
MSR608 round with 8 stools 29" - 17"  27" - 15"  25" - 13" 60" $5169.00
MBR604 round with 4 benches 29" - 17"  27" - 15"  25" - 13" 60" $5369.00
MSBR6042 round with 4 stools, 2 benches 29" - 17"  27" - 15"  25" - 13" 60" $5282.00
MSOC608 octagon with 8 stools 29" - 17"  27" - 15" 60" $5169.00

Standard Top Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Grey Nebula, Grey Glace, Maple, Bannister Oak,
                                       Wild Cherry, Walnut, and Nepal Teak
Standard Stool Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
                                                  Optional Add to Price List
                                                 Model                  Plywood Core (P)       Chrome Finish (C)
                                               MSR608                 $154.00                       $250.00
                                               MSBR604               Standard                      $250.00
                                               MSBR6042             Standard                      $250.00
                                               MXOC608               Standard                      $250.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$5169.00 - $5369.00
Manufacturer ID:ATAB MSR608 MBR604 MSBR6042 MSOC608

Gemini Portable Table

Gemini Portable Table
Mitchell Furniture -- Gemini Portable Tables are specifically designed to meet your needs for an efficient seating/table arrangement that sets up quickly and is highly mobile for minimum storage space.  Fold-N-Roll capability provides easy managemant from room to room, plus the ability to change floor plans with minimal effort.  Ideal for cafeterias and multi-purpose areas.  Rigid 1" x 2" welded steel tube suppots are firmly positioned under each seat.  Frame finish is protected by stainless steel scuff-plates in areas where abrasions occur.  Rquires only 7 1/2 square feet for storage.  Includes heavy duty 4" casters, and locks that secure table in open and folded positions.  Also features telescoping spring assemblies assist operation and lift-off stabilizing frame.

Model # Size (L x W) Stool Seats Price
GP-8/8 8' 1" x 53.5" 8 $2342.00
GP-10/12 10' 1" x 53.5" 12 $2670.00
GP-12/12  12' 1" x 53.5"  12  $2919.00
GP-12/16  12' 1" x 53.5"  16  $2937.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$2342 - $2937
Manufacturer ID:MFS GPXX

Oval Table with Bench Seating

Oval Table with Bench Seating
This Mitchell ST-4872 Table provides more seating than a conventional table with separate chairs while occupying less square feet in the cafeteria.  The curved bench affords ample two person seating and folds compactly for storage.  The table features attached benches, with no need for additional chairs.  Tables can roll easily through standard doors.  It features easy operation and set-up.  Unitized construction, with high pressure laminate surface in a variety of colors and patterns.  Heavy contoured T-mold edge treatment.  Locks automatically engage.  Chrome frame finish.  Table allows for seating for 8 persons.

Model                     Height            Price
ST-4872-C429         29"             $2266.00
ST-4872-C427         27"             $2266.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Manufacturer ID:MFS ST4872

Fold-N-Roll Convertible Bench

Fold-N-Roll Convertible Bench
Extraordinary room set-up flexibility is what you get with Mitchell Fold-N-Roll tables and benches.  Our selection of top styles...round, square, oval, rectangular, hexagonal, and octagonal...gives you the ability to create room arrangements that maximize available space.  360 degree seating capacity with no leg interference, ready to go mobility and compact storage provide versatility for fast set-ups.
Top is made of 45 lb. density particleboard with high-pressure plastic laminate top backed by backing sheet below.  Frame is made of sturdy 1 3/4" 16 ga. cold rolled steel.  T-shaped pedestal base 1" x 2" heavy rectangular tubing.

Item #               Size            Frame              Price
CB1729-96     29" x 8'       Chrome          $1224.00
CB1729-84     29" x 7'       Chrome          $1195.00
CB1729-96     29" x 6'       Chrome          $1170.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing

Price:$1170 - $1224
Manufacturer ID:MFS CB1729

AmTab Logo Tables

AmTab Logo Tables

AmTab Logo Tables

Have them your Way!
AmTab will customize your furniture with mascot or logo that you are proud of!
4- EZ Steps:
You provide artwork
AmTab will provide sample
You approve
Amtab will fabricate and ship directly to you

Certified Green for Indoor Air Quality
Many Wilsonart Laminate colors to select from

Amtab Tables have Dyna-Rock Edges.
100% solid polyurethane resin sprayed and permanently bonded to the edges of the lastic laminate, core, and plastic laminate backing sheet.

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for more information.

Manufacturer ID:AmTab Custom

Chariot Mobile Cafeteria Booth, 60"

Chariot Mobile Cafeteria Booth, 60
Chariot Mobile Cafeteria Booth, 60"

Let students hang out in style with these 60"-long diner booths from Palmer Hamilton. A retro appeal and modern materials provide a unique design that can spice up any space.

When the same old just won’t cut it, Chariot Mobile Diner Booths have the functional convenience you need for a modern, multipurpose cafeteria. This portable, foldable table and booth seating system has a revolutionary design that is amazingly versatile. Benches and café tables flip up for compact nesting and roll easily into position on built-in casters.

With this arrangement your room can morph from cafeteria to training room to lecture hall in a matter of minutes. With all of the moving and rearranging, you need to be sure that your diner booths will stand up to frequent use. Fiberglass seats and backs and 30"-wide laminate tabletops synthesize durability and visual appeal for heavy-use applications. With the full-seal of a urethane SMARTedge on surface edges, you can be sure that there is no buildup of germs, liquids or crumbs.
                                            ***   Please call for Pricing on this Series.

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for more information and current pricing.

Price:Call for Pricing
Manufacturer ID:PH Chariot-60MB