LCS Markerboards by Claridge

LCS Markerboards by Claridge
LCS deluxe markerboard units are white porcelain enamel on steel with 5/8" anodized aluminum trim.  These units will accept magnets and magnetic aids.  Four assorted LCS markers and one felt eraser are included. Units with map rail have tan cork insert, one map hook furnished for every three feet of map rail, with a minimum of two furnished.

LCS Units w/Map Rail                                  
LCS2034R                  3'X4'              
LCS2044R                  4'X4'              
LCS2046R                  4'X6'             
LCS2048R                  4'X8'              
LCS2410R                 4'X10'           
LCR2412R                 4'X12'            
LCS2416R                 4X16'            

LCS Units without Map Rail
LCS2034                     3'x4'
LCS2044                     4'x4'
LCS2046                     4'x6'
LCS2048                     4'x8'
LCS2410                    4'x10'
LCS2412                    4'x12'
LCS2416                    4'x16'

Price:Call for Pricing
Manufacturer ID:Claridge

Retro Fit Boards by Marsh

Retro Fit Boards by Marsh
Marsh Retro Fit markerboards are as easy as 1,2, 3. Constructed of top quality 28 gauge porcelain on steel surface mounted to rigid hardboard with aluminum trim, they may be installed over wood or aluminum framed boards, magnetic steel surface is backed by a 50 year warranty.  Just measure your existing board and provide your exact measurements.  Place Retro Fit Board over existing board, and attach with screws through pre-drilled holes in frame.

RF406     4'x6'         $521.00
RF408     4'X8         $635.00
RF410     4'X10'      $726.00
RF412     4'X12'      $846.00

Price:$521.00 - $846.00
Manufacturer ID:Marsh

Ruled Boards

Ruled Boards
All LCS markerboards and Vitracite chalkboards up to 4'x16' can be ruled and lettered (ruling must be done before boards are frames).  Rules available 1/16" or 1/8" widths in black, blue, red, yellow and white. (white not available on white LCS)- specify width and color.

Fused-on letters are Helvetica; minimum letter size is 1/2"

Ruling and lettering can be done to specification.  Submit specs and sketch for quote and shop drawings.  Shop drawings, when required, are $20.00 NET per hour.

Fused Rules: For LCS  or Vitracite surface, add $.86 per lineal foot of rule, plus $1.44 per square foot for total writing surface area.  If both lines and letters are required on LCS or Vitracite, the refusing charge must be added twice.  Painted lines not available on LCS or Vitracite.

Lettering                                                           Price per letter
Up to and including 1" high Lettering 1"     $6.26
Up to and including 2" high Lettering 2"     $7.28
Up to and including 4" high Lettering 4"    $10.48
Treble/Bass Clef Notes- Each                   $32.60

Manufacturer ID:Claridge

Markerboards and Tackboards 800 Series

Series 800 Markerboards and Tackboards

  • LCS markerboards are furnished in white as standard
  • Fabricork vinyl tackboards are offered in 20 colors
  • Trim, chalktrough and maprail are satin anodize aluminum
  • Type A and Combination units have full length map rail and  chalktrough with end closures
  • Angle clips furnished-screws not included.                                                                                      

TYPE A   Alum. Frame Markerboard 
    Size                 LCS #                               
  2' x 3'          AP203
 2'9" x 3'9"    AP304
  3' x 5'         AP305
  4' x 4'         AP404
  4' x 6'         AP406
  4' x 8'         AP408
  4' x 10'       AP410

TYPE CO     Tackboard
Tan NuCork        Fabricork           Size
839N                839F          2' x 3'
840N                840F          3' x 4'
844N                844F          4' x 4'
852N                852F          4' x 6'
858N                858F          4' x 8'
862N                862F          4' x 10'
864N                864F          4' x 12'
866N                866F          4' x 16'

Price:Call for Pricing
Manufacturer ID:Claridge 800 Series

Double Sided Magnetic White Board 72" x 40"

Double Sided Magnetic White Board 72
H. Wilson/Luxor MB whiteboard series are made from magnetic reversible whiteboards.  Chrome finish on main frame.  Features a silver frame around the whiteboard/whiteboard series.  Includes 4 casters for easy mobility.  Boards lock into place when in position.  Frame base is 23" Deep.
The MB7240 is 72" W x 40" H and is reversible whiteboard/chalkboard.
The MB7240WW is 72" W x 40" H and is reversible whiteboard/whiteboard.
Assembly required.  10 Year Warranty on H. Wilson/Luxor Boards.
Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:LUX MB7240

Quartet Reversible Mobile Easel Board

Quartet Reversible Mobile Easel Board
Just a simple flip doubles your writing space—double-sided easel features two Total Erase® surfaces. Rotate the board for additional writing space on reverse side.  Surface is perfectly angled for comfortable writing and viewing. Total Erase® writing surface will not stain or ghost and has a subtle grid pattern.  For medium to heavy usage. Four casters, two locking, for easy portability. Attractive radius-edge steel frame with built-in accessory rail. 

Board Type: Dry Erase Easel; Board Width: 31"; Board Height: 41"; Surface Material: Total Erase® Laminate.
72" high overall.  Weight: 43 lbs.  Package Includes Includes four dry-erase markers (black, blue, green, red) and one eraser. Manufactured by Quartet®                 List Price: $827.82

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing on this unit.

Manufacturer ID:QRT 300TE

3-In-1 Total Erase Whiteboard Easel, 6.3' x 3'

3-In-1 Total Erase Whiteboard Easel, 6.3' x 3'
Maximize productivity with the Quartet 3-In-1 Total Erase Easel.  Dry Erase Panels for presentaions and also can be used as a rolling room divider  -All -in-One.  Share ideas, display information and create private meeting spaces with this highly versatile communication tool, complete with Total Erase surface( 33.5" x 39 1/2"), display panel and rolling privacy screen.  A long-lasting Total Erase writing surface with light grid pattern will not stain or ghost.  Flipchart pad holders and attached marker tray provide quick access to commonly used accessories.  A sleek footprint with smooth rolling wheels allows for easy transition into a visual communication center.  The versatile reverse panel holds information and provides additional storage.  A translucent base panel and modern, radius-edge metal frame adds contemporary sophistication to this hard-working easel.
  • 36″W x 76″H and is lightly printed with a grid to enhance writing alignment
  • 3-in-1 easel features a Total Erase® whiteboard surface that resists staining, ghosting, scratches and dents
  • Reverse side has repositionable, collapsible shelves for various size displays and flip-charts
  • Rolling room divider functionality is also included; easel sits on 4 smooth rolling wheels (2 lock in place)
  • Accessory tray and 4 Quartet® dry-erase markers are included
                                              List Price: $1137.70

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:QRT 500TE

Quartet Ultima Adjustable Economy Easel Stand

Quartet Ultima Adjustable Economy Easel Stand
Quartet Ultima Adjustable Economy Easel Stand is ideal for presentations in the classroom or conference room.
It's sturdy, lightweight, and easy to adjust.
  • Versatile, sturdy easel is ideal for floor or tabletop use
  • Height and angle easily adjust from 39" to 70" for viewing, presenting and preparing flip charts
  • Adjustable angle of board can be positioned as a drafting table
  • The included spring-loaded flip chart holder accepts a standard easel pad (one side only) for paper notes
  • The double-sided aluminum framed melamine dry-erase surface provides reusable convenience
  • Lightweight easel also has steel legs and an aluminum frame.

Shipping Weight: 28 lbs.                      List Price: $330.50

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:QRT 101EL

Map Display Rail, 1 inch

Map Display Rail, 1 inch
Marsh Industries quality Aluminum Map Rail with Natural Cork Inserts are great for displaying items in the classroom, office, or hallway areas.  The 1" Map Rail is available in these standard 8' long sections.  They can be easily modified and cut down from these standard 8' sections to suit your space and building needs.

Item MR 108  1" Map Rail , 8 ft. section      $45.02 each*
Add these great accessories:
MR 101     Flag Holders                                     $10.10 each
MR 102   Map Winder, 1 Set                              $18.90 each
MR 103   End plate, 3 Sets - 2 pcs. per set     $12.60 each
MR 104   Combo Hook/Clip   4 pcs. per set    $14.50 each

* Additional Shipping Charges will be added to Map Rail orders outside of  Northern Indiana delivery area.

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantities pricing.

Price:Price Varies
Manufacturer ID:MAR MR108

Combination Board (Cork and Remarkaboard)

Combination Board (Cork and Remarkaboard)
Marsh Combination Boards (Cork and Remarkaboard®)

Cork & Remarkaboard Whiteboards

• Made of economical Melamine surface and Natural Cork.
• 5-Year Warranty.
• Amazing durability and quality for an inexpensive price.
• Trim and full-length shelf tray available in satin anodized aluminum or solid oak.

Marsh Advantage
  • Marker packet sent with each markerboard.
  • Installation hardware sent with board.
  • M-Class Packaging System offers the best protection in the industry during shipping.
  • Made in the USA.
Item No. Size List Price Weight
CA-203-M 2' x 3' $121.00 11 lbs.
CA-406-M 4' x 6' $410.00 45 lbs.
CA-408-M 4' x 8' $530.00 58 lbs.

 * Additional shipping charges may apply to orders outside of Northern Indiana Delivery Area *

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing on these boards.

Price:$121 - $530
Manufacturer ID:CA-203-M CA-406-M CA-408-M

4 Leg Markerboard Easel

4 Leg Markerboard Easel
Four-Leg Adjustable Easel with an aluminum framed 38" x 28" magnetic markerboard permanently attached to this telescoping easel. Adjustable in height, Ghent's 1040M3 easel reaches a height of 69" and can be reduced to sit comfortably on a table. The four legs provide excellent stability. Standard features such as a full-length chart bar, accessory tray and skid-resistant rubber-tipped legs help make the 1040M3 easel as popular as it is functional.                          List Price: $360.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:GHM 1040M3

Nexus Idea Wall

Nexus Idea Wall

Present and Connect

The Nexus IdeaWall is a movable display panel with an extra-large 4' x 6' markerboard work surface and expandable presentation space.

Key Features

  • Double-sided, 4'x6' magnetic marker surface – more durable, reusable and greener solution than traditional chart pads
  • Angled foot design – allows units to be grouped for a more coordinated collaboration space
  • Expandable workspace – attachable easel pegs give you the option of adding Tablets for additional room
  • In reach – comes complete with side mountable marker/eraser holder
  • Backed by a Ghent 10-year guarantee


76" (193 cm) x 76-3/8" (194 cm) x 25-1/8" (63.8 cm)


86 lbs                                                                   List Price: $2924.00

Item: NEX206MW-XX   76 1/8" x 76 3/8" Nexus Idea Wall -Double Sided Mobile Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard

Accent Panel Colors: Beige, Black, Blue, Grey, and Merlot

  Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for current pricing.


Manufacturer ID:GHM NEX206MW-XX

Medium Oak Finish Conference Cabinet Markerboard

Medium Oak Finish Conference Cabinet Markerboard
The 48” x 48” Ghent traditional conference cabinet opens to disclose a dry erasable whiteboard with a 24” x 38” bulletin board on the inside of each hinged door. Crafted with care, these sturdy units feature a top-quality, textured laminate surface, which is available in either Mahogany or Medium Oak. A 3” interior depth allows markers, erasers, or other materials to be stored in the cabinet when the doors are closed. The unit extends 5” from the wall. The cabinet features hinged doors and magnetic door latches, and comes complete with a handy marker kit.
                                  List Price: $1771.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:C1-44L C1-44M

Marsh Horizontal Sliding Markerboards

Marsh Horizontal Sliding Markerboards
Marsh Horizontal sliding units offer flexibility to your ordindary classroom markerboard.  The sliding units are ideal for science classrooms and lecture halls or conference areas.  Magnetic porcelain enameled steel easy-to-clean (Pro Rite) surfaces are standard to these markerboards.

Item #           Size         Panel Size:    # of panels   Weight:
HS-1-084    8' x 4'          4' x 3' 6"               1                  224
HS-1-104    10' x 4'        4' x 3' 6"               1                  280
HS-1-124    12' x 4'        4' x 3' 6"               1                  336
HS-1-164    16' x 4'        4' x 3' 6"               1                  448
HS-204        20' x 4'        4' x 3' 6"               2                  560
  • Magnetic porcelain enameled steel surface
  • Sliding 1/2 width panel (up to 3 sliding panels per board) and 1 panel per track
  • Sliding panels are a honeycomb core with 26 guage galvanized back
  • Fixed rear panel is porcelain steel writing surface on 1/2" particle board with Mylar backer -standard
  • Pair of factory mounted nylon roller carriers located at bottom of each sliding panel
  • Pair of factory mounted rubber bumpers located at sides of panels
Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for additional sizes and current pricing.

Price:Call for pricing
Manufacturer ID:MAR HS Series

Bretford Here Mobile Boards

Bretford Here Mobile Boards
Bretford's Here Porcelain Mobile Boards will enhance productivity in any presentation or collaboration environment.  The boards are double sided and can be specified with porcelain dry erase or fabric tackboard. Take notes on the dry erase surface.  Then turn the board to tack up printed documents.  Our Here mobile boards easily move, gang, and nest together so you can position them any way you choose to present from anywhere in the room.
Available with a porcelain erasable white surface on one side and either another porcelain surface or a fabric covered pin board on the other side.  Boards have a Micore center with a protective aluminum barrier to prevent moisture from warping the board.
Leg assemblies are welded steel construction with a bar mounted between the legs for stability.
The pencil tray is an aluminum extrusion.

HMDE48C      48" W x 73.25" H     List Price: $2844.00
HMDE60C      60" W x 73.25" H     List Price: $3260.00
HMDE72C      72" W x 73.25" H     List Price: $3538.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for tackboard colors and competitive pricing.

Price:$2844 - $3538
Manufacturer ID:HMDE48C HMDE60C HMDE72C