Interior Concepts Custom Furniture

Interior Concepts Custom Furniture
Maximize Classroom Space
We provide a "custom fit" that makes the most out of every inch of available space. We fully integrate every classroom column, constraint, and obstacle. We work with them, not merely around them, incorporating each into your systems design.

There is no one standard shape or size with our furniture, and there is no limit to its flexibility. We make customization standard. Every component is custom fit to suit your application. And because working with your exceptions is our rule, we can provide a custom fit without a custom price.

Our custom fit makes full use of all available space, so more students can fit into your space. No other system works as hard to maximize your space and investment.

Contact a representative for your field measurement, layout suggestions, GIZA drawings and prices.

Price:Call for Price

Lincoln Series Library/Work Table

Lincoln Series Library/Work Table
Available in either oak or maple wood species with 27 different finishes.  Standard 29" table height.
Designed with apron rails however ADA accessible rails are available at no upcharge.
Features double lag-bolt with wooden corner block leg construction for reinforcement and added stability.
Top construction core material is 1.125" thick 45lb density industrial grade paticle board. The face is .050 horizontal grade high pressure laminate. A backer is bonded to the bottom side to ensure balanced construction.
Choice of five different edge profiles, either wood veneer or laminate tops, round, square or rectangular shape, childrens height tables available, 2 3/8" tapered wooden leg.

Model                 Size                      Weight             Laminate Top
LI2424         24" x 24" x 30"            65#                       $501.00
LI4242         42" x 42" x 29"            80#                       $854.00
LI4848         48" x 48" x 29"            90#                      $1000.00
LI36R           36" x 29"                      42#                      $820.00
LI42R           42" x 29"                      80#                      $967.00
LI48R           48" x 29"                      95#                      $1047.00
LI2436         36" x 24" x29'               55#                     $553.00   
LI3042         42" x 30" x 29"             60#                      $680.00
LI3060         60" x 30" x 29"             95#                      $798.00
LI3660         60" x 36" x 29"             105#                    $884.00
LI3672         72" x 36" x 29"             125#                    $1038.00
LI3690         90" x 36" 29"                133#                    $1413.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$501.00 - $1413.00
Manufacturer ID:COM Lincoln Series

LaCasse Conference Table

LaCasse Conference Table
LaCasse creates an ingeniously simple design matrix for their furniture.  Always aesthetically pleasing, always functional, endless possibilities of layouts with Concept 3 systems and conference tables built to last by LaCasse. 

Conference Table    42" x 42" x 29"    Price: $835.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services represenative for quantity pricing.

Manufacturer ID:LCSS C3-42R

Executive Round Table - Revival Series

Executive Round Table - Revival Series
Paoli is a traditional company from a long line of furniture manufacturers and the Revival Office Furniture is elegent, yet simple in design.  Available in veneer or plastic laminate finish.  5 Hardwood edge profiles -  3 ply balanced construction.  4 sided drawers and separate front - with catalyzed varnish finish.  11 standard veneer stains - 4 plastic laminate finishes.  The executive round table comes with black pedestal base standard.

Executive Round Table w/black pedestal base, 48" Dia.     Price:$1715.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Manufacturer ID:PAO RT4848TTA

Round Conference Tables

Round Conference Tables
Premiera's laminate series conference tables feature attractive and durable laminate surfaces, which are available with 3 mil PVC Dura-Edge detailing for superior durability.
Available in several distinctive colors: Cherry, Mahogany, Honey, Modern Walnut, Mocha, or Newport Gray
This series is Greenguard Indoor Air Quanlity Certified!.

Item No. Size List Price
 PRM-PLT48R  47" Round  $488.00
 PRM-PLT42R  42" Round  $388.00
 PRM-PLT36R  36" Round  $358.00

Price:$358.00 - $488.00
Manufacturer ID:PRM-PLT48 PRM-PLT42R PRM-PLT36R

Boat Shaped Conference Table

Boat Shaped Conference Table
Premiera's PL Laminate Series Conference Tables feature attractive and durable laminate surfaces with 3 mil PVC Tough Edges for super durability.  Race track style features 1 1/2" thick tops and bases.
Choose from these attractive colors: Cherry, Mahogany, Honey, Mocha, Modern Walnut, or Newport Gray.

PRM-PL236      95" W x 44" D                           List Price: $887.00
PRM-PL237     120" W x 48" D  (2 PC. TOP)  List Price: $1358.00

Optional Power Module          PRM-PL-TPOWER      List Price: $519.00 
Add an optional power module that fits in the black grommets on the boat shaped table.
Features 2 power outlets, 1 data outlet, 1 telephone outlet, and 1 USB port.  Color:Black

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for additional details and pricing.

Price:$887.00 - $1358.00
Manufacturer ID:PRM-PL236 PRM-PL237

Conference Table with Non-Folding Legs

Conference Table with Non-Folding Legs
AmTab's Conference Table with Non-Folding Legs is an affordable choice for your meeting room. The high pressure laminate top comes in a selection of colors sure to match your décor. The T-shaped legs keep this meeting table strong and sturdy. Rubber cushion glides protect your floor from scratches.
Top is constructed of 1 1/4" particleboard with laminate finish.     2" heavy-gauge steel non-folding legs.
Standard edge band (t-molding) comes in black, brown, gray, or putty.
Choose form attractive table top colors: Bannister Oak, Gray Glace, Gray Nebula, Maple, Nepal Teak, Walnut, or Wild Cherry
Wire management is available.

Item No. Size Weight (lbs.) List Price
LT305D 30" W x 30" L x 29" H 115 $1175.00
LT306D 30" W x 72" L x 29" H 125 $1261.00
LT366D 36" W x 72" L x 29" H 140 $1295.00
LT308D 30" W x 96" L x 29" H 150 $1312.00
LT368D 36" W x 96" L x 29" H 170 $1348.00

Price:$1175 - $1348
Manufacturer ID:AMT LT Series

DMI Belmont Collection Expandable Conference Tables

DMI Belmont Collection Expandable Conference Tables
DMI Belmont Collection Expandable Conference Tables
The Belmont Collection, with its traditional styling and inlaid reconstituted cherry veneer, now includes the new expandable conference tables.  Four foot sections are available to " expand" your conference table from 96" to 240."  Each section includes rails and wire management trays.  The tables are available on a QUICK SHIP basis in three finishes: Executive Cherry, Sunset Cherry, and Brown Cherry.  Tables are shown in Brown Cherry finish.

8' Expandable Conference Table
DMI-7132-96EX         96" w x 48" d       List Price: $2787.00

10' Expandable Conference Table
DMI-7132-120EX      120" w x 48" d     List Price: $3568.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Price:$2787 - $3568
Manufacturer ID:DMI Belmont Series

Concurrence Table, 48" x 96"

Concurrence Table, 48

Concurrence expresses refined beauty on the outside while keeping technology hidden inside.

Concurrence, with its subtle but sophisticated aesthetic, is one of Enwork’s newer technology-enabled table platforms. Featuring a domed, aluminum end cap, Concurrence tables and bases will blend with any architectural envelope.

Concurrence was designed with structural beams to minimize the number of bases required. Its base and trough kits support up to a 14’ table on only two bases and up to a 20’ table on only three bases. Of course, longer sizes
are available too.  Option priced below has a standard table laminate with a 3MM wood edge on all sides.  Two braces are included on the 96" length tables.  Laminate panel bases includes levelers and may be ordered in Wilsonart laminate colors (for an upcharge).

CR4896/LPM624X (Base)       48" x 96" Rectangle Concurrence Table w/ Laminate Panel Base
                                                           List Price: $1937.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for all table options and current pricing.

Manufacturer ID:ENW CR4896

Maverick 2 Conference Tables

Maverick 2 Conference Tables
Maverick Desk - Maverick 2 Conference Table Series

The Maverick 2 Collection is a one of a kind conference table traditionally styled and crafted with a meticulous attention to detail.  Conference should always have options and there is no limit to the options you can add to any conference room. This includes base options that define your style in 20 color options.
Let our sales representatives come to your building and help you select the right size and style Maverick 2 conference table to suit your building's needs.

Maverick Desk products are made in the USA at state of the art facilities in California and Ohio.

Please contact your Sharp School Services representive for more information on this series.

Price:Call for pricing
Manufacturer ID:MAV Maverick 2 Conference Table Series

Cha-Cha Bistro Height Racetrack Table

Cha-Cha Bistro Height Racetrack Table

Safco Products Cha-Cha™ Bistro-Height Racetrack Table, 84x36"

All tops have 1-inch, high-pressure laminate with 3mm vinyl t-molded edging
  • Racetrack top - 84 x 36" Bistro-Height
  • Only available with x style base
  • Includes leg levelers for uneven surfaces
  • Optional center grommet and pull-up power module with USB charging ports
  • Asian Night top and Black base
Model # 2551ANBL
List Price: $1,202.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:SPC 2551ANBL

Visions Conference Table 48" x 144"

Visions Conference Table 48
JSI Rectangular Conference Table, 48" x 144" with Base

JSI offers this attractive conference table (with HPL top) constructed of bonded layers that create a higher impact scratch and wear resistant surface than TFL or Veneer.  Tops are 3-ply balanced construction, matched to the TFL wood grain and solid patterns.  2 piece top, reuires 3 bases.  Stretchers will be included as required.   The rectangle top shape includes 3" radius corners. Seating capacity: 12.
Carton weight: 296 lbs.
Shown with rectangular base: (Model #VL2428Pxx)
Pricing includes rectangular base.
 Rectangular base available in black, silver, or any Vision Laminate color.

       List Price: $ 2357.00 (as shown - chairs not included)

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for current pricing.

Manufacturer ID:JSI VL48144TT/VL2428Pxx

Boat Shape Conference Table

Boat Shape Conference Table
Boat Shape Conference Tables with Sensation Y Base Legs

Start and end a meeting with sleek sophistication.  Sensation conference tables allow power and cables to route through the leg column, bolstering the function of your space without sacrificing aesthetics.  Sensation tables include Y-Leg base with polished aluminum feet and have paineted vertical columns.  Two and three piece tables require double T-Legs at the seams. 
Size: 36 - 42" x 96."
  • Vertical cable management
  • Standard height is 29" including top; other heights available
  • Conference tops are available in a variety of standard finishes
              List Price: $2299.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services sales representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:ENW BT3696AN3/LMYB3696NS