Ruled Boards

Ruled Boards
All LCS markerboards and Vitracite chalkboards up to 4'x16' can be ruled and lettered (ruling must be done before boards are frames).  Rules available 1/16" or 1/8" widths in black, blue, red, yellow and white. (white not available on white LCS)- specify width and color.

Fused-on letters are Helvetica; minimum letter size is 1/2"

Ruling and lettering can be done to specification.  Submit specs and sketch for quote and shop drawings.  Shop drawings, when required, are $20.00 NET per hour.

Fused Rules: For LCS  or Vitracite surface, add $.86 per lineal foot of rule, plus $1.44 per square foot for total writing surface area.  If both lines and letters are required on LCS or Vitracite, the refusing charge must be added twice.  Painted lines not available on LCS or Vitracite.

Lettering                                                           Price per letter
Up to and including 1" high Lettering 1"     $5.86
Up to and including 2" high Lettering 2"     $6.98
Up to and including 4" high Lettering 4"     $9.98
Treble/Bass Clef Notes- Each                   $30.60

Manufacturer ID:Claridge

Markerboards and Chalkboards800 Series

Series 800 Markerboards, Chalkboards, Bulletin Boards and Combination boards

  • LCS markerboards are furnished in white as standard
  • Specify Green or Black for Vitracite Chalkboards
  • Fabricork vinyl tackboards are offered in 20 colors
  • Trim, chalktrough and maprail are satin anodize aluminum
  • Type A and Combination units have full length map rail and  chalktrough with end closures
  • Units with map rail have one map hook furnished for every 3' of map rail (min of 2)
  • Angle clipe furnished-screws not includes.                                                                                      

TYPE A   Markerboard or Chalkboard
LCS No.       Price                     Vitracite      Price                     Size
812L $312.00 812V $312.00 2'X3'
814L $410.00 814V $410.00 3'X4'
818L $468.00 818V $468.00 4'X4'
822L $603.00 822V $603.00 4'X6'
826L $754.00 826V $754.00 4'X8'
830L $943.00 830V $943.00 4'X10'
834L $1089.00 834V $1089.00 4'X12'
838L $1560.00 838L $1560.00 4'X16'

TYPE CO     Tackboard
Tan NuCork     Price                  Fabricork      Price                    Size
839N $116.00 839F $123.00 2'X3'
840N $164.00 840F $169.00 3'X4'
844N $195.00 844F $195.00 4'X4'
852N $265.00 852F $260.00 4'X6'
858N $348.00 858F $336.00 4'X8'
862N $435.00 862F $441.00 4'X10'
864N $481.00 864F $489.00 4'X12'
866N $686.00 866F $664.00 4'X16'

TYPE BR & BL  Markerboard or Chalkboard
LCS No.                 Price                             Vitracite             Size
864LF $552.00 864V 4'X4'
868LF $710.00 868V 4'X6'
872LF $929.00 872V 4'X8'
876LF $1126.00 876V 4'X10'
880LF $1336.00 880V 4'X12'
884LF $1691.00 884V 4'X16'

TYPE C   Markerboard or Chalkboard
LCS No.         Price                       Vitracite        Size
888L $830.00 888V 4'X8'
892L $981.00 892V 4'X10'
896L $1135.00 896V 4'X12'
899L $1471.00 899V 4'X12'

TYPE D  Markerboard or Chalkboard
LCS No.         Price                      Vitracite          Size
801L $342.00 801V 4'X4'
802L $437.00 802V 4'X6'
809L $543.00 809V 4'X8'
813L $675.00 813V 4'X10'
815L $749.00 815V 4'X12'
817L $1128.00 817V 4'X16'

Manufacturer ID:Claridge 800 Series

Map Display Rail, 1 inch

Map Display Rail, 1 inch
Marsh Industries quality Aluminum Map Rail with Natural Cork Inserts are great for displaying items in the classroom, office, or hallway areas.  The 1" Map Rail is available in these standard 8' long sections.  They can be easily modified and cut down from these standard 8' sections to suit your space and building needs.

Item MR 108  1" Map Rail , 8 ft. section      $42.32 each*
Add these great accessories:
MR 101     Flag Holders                                       $8.00 each
MR 102   Map Winder, 1 Set                                $16.00 each
MR 103   End plate, 3 Sets - 2 pcs. per set     $11.00 each
MR 104   Combo Hook/Clip   4 pcs. per set    $12.00 each

* Additional Shipping Charges will be added to Map Rail orders outside of  Northern Indiana delivery area.

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantities pricing.

Manufacturer ID:MAR MR108