Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards-Claridge 900 Series

Bulletin Boards-Claridge 900 Series
900 Series bulletin boards have a natural tan cork tacking surface reinforced with a sturdy back panel.  They are available in a 1 1/4" satin anodized finish aluminum frame.

Aluminum Frame

  Number        Size   
 953A            3' x 5'
   954A            3' x 6'  
   958A            4' x 4'
   960A            4' x 6'
   962A            4' x 8'
   963A            4' x 10'
   964A            4' x 12'

Price:Call for Pricing
Manufacturer ID:Claridge

Cork Bulletin Boards by Claridge

Cork Bulletin Boards by Claridge
These bulleting boards have a resiliant natural cork laminated to substantial backing.  They are available in an 1/2" satin aluminum or 1" natural finish hardwood frame.  Can be hung horizontally or vertically, hangers furnished.

   HXW                 Alum Fr       Price           Wood Fr      Price
2'x3' AP203 $136.00 WP203 $129.00
2'9" x 3'9" AP304 $250.00 WP304 $261.00
3'x5' AP305 $360.00 WP305 $406.00
4'x4' AP404 $303.00 WP404 $334.00
4'x5' AP405 $360.00 WP405 $406.00
4'x6' AP406 $509.00 WP406 $451.00
4'x8' AP408 $549.00 WP408 $549.00
4'x10' AP410 $867.00 WP410 $781.00

Manufacturer ID:Claridge

Quartet Enclosed Outdoor Bulletin Board

Quartet Enclosed Outdoor Bulletin Board
Quartet's high quality Enclosed outdoor bulletin board offers a self-healing cork surface and high-density backing for maximum pin-holding power, ensuring documents stay securely posted. One,Two, or Three locking, water-resistant, shatterproof acrylic glass doors and aluminum-vented casing allow posting, protecting and easily updating important messages. Satin-finish anodized aluminum frame offers full-length hinges and weather-resistant durability. Bulletin board includes one key per lock.

QRT2121     2' x 3'  1-Door model       List Price: $614.42
QRT2124     4' x 3'   2-Door model       List Price: $846.74
QRT2366     6' x 3'   3-Door model       List Price: $1286.27

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing on these units.

Price:$614.42 - $1286.27
Manufacturer ID:QRT2121 QRT2124 QRT2366

Magnetic Letter Board, 24" x 36"

Magnetic Letter Board, 24
Ensure that your messages are easy to read with the help of Quartet's Magnetic Letter Board.  This attractive board is single-sided and measures 36" W x 24" H, and features a black magnetic metal surface.  Grooves keep your magnetic letters aligned and in place.  The gray frame has stylish rounded corners and looks great in any setting.
  • Attractive gray aluminum frame
  • Black magnetic board surface works with magnetic letters
  • Rounded corners for a stylish look
                                        List Price: $274.16

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing on this item.

Manufacturer ID:QRT 903M

Map Display Rail, 1 inch

Map Display Rail, 1 inch
Marsh Industries quality Aluminum Map Rail with Natural Cork Inserts are great for displaying items in the classroom, office, or hallway areas.  The 1" Map Rail is available in these standard 8' long sections.  They can be easily modified and cut down from these standard 8' sections to suit your space and building needs.

Item MR 108  1" Map Rail , 8 ft. section      $45.02 each*
Add these great accessories:
MR 101     Flag Holders                                     $10.10 each
MR 102   Map Winder, 1 Set                              $18.90 each
MR 103   End plate, 3 Sets - 2 pcs. per set     $12.60 each
MR 104   Combo Hook/Clip   4 pcs. per set    $14.50 each

* Additional Shipping Charges will be added to Map Rail orders outside of  Northern Indiana delivery area.

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Price:Price Varies
Manufacturer ID:MAR MR108

Tackboard, Natural Cork 2' x 3'

Tackboard, Natural Cork 2' x 3'
Tack notes and messages to Marsh's Natural Cork Board. The self-healing natural cork board is laminated to fiberboard, so it withstands daily wear and tear. The 2 ft. x 3 ft. is the ideal size for posting memos and important bulletins in hallways, office areas, maintenance areas, etc.  Comes with framed edges of an attractive satin aluminum.  Weight: 6 lbs.
                                                 List Price: $112.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for other board sizes and pricing.

Manufacturer ID:MAR AN203

Combination Board (Cork and Remarkaboard)

Combination Board (Cork and Remarkaboard)
Marsh Combination Boards (Cork and Remarkaboard®)

Cork & Remarkaboard Whiteboards

• Made of economical Melamine surface and Natural Cork.
• 5-Year Warranty.
• Amazing durability and quality for an inexpensive price.
• Trim and full-length shelf tray available in satin anodized aluminum or solid oak.

Marsh Advantage
  • Marker packet sent with each markerboard.
  • Installation hardware sent with board.
  • M-Class Packaging System offers the best protection in the industry during shipping.
  • Made in the USA.
Item No. Size List Price Weight
CA-203-M 2' x 3' $121.00 11 lbs.
CA-406-M 4' x 6' $410.00 45 lbs.
CA-408-M 4' x 8' $530.00 58 lbs.

 * Additional shipping charges may apply to orders outside of Northern Indiana Delivery Area *

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing on these boards.

Price:$121 - $530
Manufacturer ID:CA-203-M CA-406-M CA-408-M

Ovation Series Enclosed Tackboards

Ovation Series Enclosed Tackboards
Ghent's Ovation Series Enclosed Tackboards are now available featuring powder coated aluminum framing in a wood look finish.  You can choose from either Medium Cherry or Natural Maple appearances.  With its contrasting-color, rounded corners and real wood appearance, these distinctive enclosed fabric boards make a stylish statement.  Wood Ovation's rounded corners are offered in either Black or Chrome.  Ovation comes with either hinged, shatter-resistant acrylic doors or with two sliding, tempered safety glass doors. Both door options include locks for added protection. The tackable fabric surface is colorfast and will remain free from damage even after years of repeated posting. Choose between two decorative fabric colors: gray or black.  Wood Ovation Enclosed Boards are backed by Ghents 10-year performance guarantee.  Interior depth 5/8”.  Overall depth 2 1/8".
Choose from attractive tackboard colors: Beige, Gray, Merlot, Blue, and Black.
Item No. Description List Price
OVMCB1-FXX 1 Door, 34" x 24" $610.00
OVMCB2-FXX 2 Door, 34" x 47" $1008.00
OVMBC3-FXX 2 Sliding Doors, 34" x 47" $1085.00
OVMCB4-FXX 2 Door, 36" x 60"  $1345.00
OVMCB5-FXX 3 Door, 48" x 72"  $2023.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Price:$610 - $2023
Manufacturer ID:GHM Ovation Series

Bretford Here Mobile Boards

Bretford Here Mobile Boards
Bretford's Here Porcelain Mobile Boards will enhance productivity in any presentation or collaboration environment.  The boards are double sided and can be specified with porcelain dry erase or fabric tackboard. Take notes on the dry erase surface.  Then turn the board to tack up printed documents.  Our Here mobile boards easily move, gang, and nest together so you can position them any way you choose to present from anywhere in the room.
Available with a porcelain erasable white surface on one side and either another porcelain surface or a fabric covered pin board on the other side.  Boards have a Micore center with a protective aluminum barrier to prevent moisture from warping the board.
Leg assemblies are welded steel construction with a bar mounted between the legs for stability.
The pencil tray is an aluminum extrusion.

HMDE48C      48" W x 73.25" H     List Price: $2844.00
HMDE60C      60" W x 73.25" H     List Price: $3260.00
HMDE72C      72" W x 73.25" H     List Price: $3538.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for tackboard colors and competitive pricing.

Price:$2844 - $3538
Manufacturer ID:HMDE48C HMDE60C HMDE72C

Enclosed Cork Bulletin Board, 36" x 60"

Enclosed Cork Bulletin Board, 36
Ghent's Enclosed Cork Bulletin Board is great for hallways and reception areas in schools and offices.
These boards are designed for indoor use and measure 36" x 60."
The enclosed display board features a full-sized aluminum frame enclosed natural cork bulletin boards feature an anodized aluminum frame in satin.
  • Each unit has continuous hinged doors with shatter resistant acrylic, flush mounted locks and two keys.
  • With an interior depth of 7/8” the self healing natural cork surface will hold up under the most demanding use and will provide years of reliable service.
  • For indoor use.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Backed by Ghent’s 10-year guarantee.
                                                            List Price: $832.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing

Manufacturer ID:GHM PA233660K

Vinyl Bulletin Boards

Vinyl Bulletin Boards
Marsh's Vinyl Bulletin Boards provide plenty of display space on an attractive easy-to-clean surface, making it a great choice for offices and classrooms.  The vinyl surface is coated so it resists stains and wipes clean.  Comes with a stylish satin anodized aluminum frame with wrapped edges for extra durability.  The boards include mounting hardware, and are backed by Marsh's 10-Year warranty.  Available in stylish colors: Antique White, Blue Sky, and Platinum.

Key Features
  • Coated vinyl surface is stain resistant and easy to wipe clean
  • Satin anodized aluminum frame is durable and stylish
  • Wrapped corners provide extra durability
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty
AF-404-1400    Size: 4' x 4'                 List Price: $183.00
AF-408-1400    Size: 4' x 8'                 List Price: $300.00
AF-412-1400    Size: 4' x 12'               List Price: $537.00

** Additional Freight Charges may apply outside of Indiana delivery locations **

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing

Price:$183.00 - $537.00
Manufacturer ID:MAR AF Series

Mobile Floor Display Panel

Mobile Floor Display Panel
Mobile Floor Display Panel (Set of 3)

Available in Grey Vinyl (set of 3) Easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • The surface is tackable and fully framed in anodized aluminum trim
  • Side hinges allow panels to attach at various angles to create a variety of configurations
  • Includes hinges for both 90° and 120° connections
  • Provides a versatile way to display artwork, posters, or other information
  • Ideal for use as temporary partitions or room dividers
  • Dimensions: 78"H x 150"W
  • For single panel set ups, caster legs (included with each panel) allow easy mobility
  • Manufactured in the US of foreign and domestic materials
              List Price: $1290.11

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:Balt 689D3

Natural Cork Boards

Natural Cork Boards

 Natural Cork Boards

AARCO Procucts, Inc. offers these natural cork boards - from nature and completely recycled.  Natural cork is resilient and self-healing.  The color is natural and is by far the most popular posting surface. 
Natural Pebble Grain Cork/Aluminum Frame

AAR-DB3648    36" x 48"    List Price: $107.57
AAR-DB4848    48" x 48"    List Price: $175.26
AAR-DB4872    48" x 72"    List Price: $242.04
AAR-DB4896    48" x 96"    List Price: $336.18

Please contact your Sharp School Services sales representative for competitive pricing.

Price:Price Varies
Manufacturer ID:AARCO DB Series

VIC Cork Tackboards

VIC Cork Tackboards

 VIC Cork Boards - Euroframe Design

VIC Cork is the premium quality bulletin board surface.  Made for high performance, it is durable, washable, and fade resistant.  This resilient solid color core material is also self healing and long lasting.  Satin anodized frame models.  Available on a special order basis.  Guaranteed for 50 Years!
Colors : Nutmeg Spice, Blueberry, Oyster Shell, and Tan.

AAR-ERC3648   36" x 48"   List Price: $268.97
AAR-ERC4848    48" x 48"  List Price: $358.62
AAR-ERC4872    48" x 72"  List Price: $487.21
AAR-ERC4896    48" x 96"  List Price: $593.38

Please contact your Sharp School Services sales representative for competitive pricing.

Price:Price Varies
Manufacturer ID:AAR ERC Series