UNE-T Ocho Adjustable Height Desk

UNE-T Ocho Adjustable Height Desk
Wisconsin Bench UNE-T Ocho Adjustable Height Student Desk

Outfitted with a universal, heavy duty steel leg that is the same for both the left and right legs, this series is a great budget friendly option. The UNIT series also comes with a stretcher bar and welded gussets for durability and stability.  Lotz Armor Edge™ top is constructed of 1.125” thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) core.
MDF is a superior material for screw holding abilities exceeding 250 lbs., breaking strength and load tests.
The UNE-T adjustable legs are 1.25” square, 15-gauge steel tube with fully welded 10-gauge mounting plate.
Legs attach to desk with 16 metal-to-metal insertsand screws. The lower leg section is fabricated to fit
into the upper 1.25” square, 15-gauge leg assembly. Leg adjustments are connected to the upper leg with
two drilled holes and then screwed into the punchholes of the lower leg for positive contact and safety
with adjustability in 1” increments.  Powder coat silver finish is standard.
Desk Top size: 21" x 35."
Adjustable Height: 21" - 35."
Includes Back Pack Hooks (optional)       List Price: $436.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:UNE 7500-ADJ-BPH