Spring Roller Shades

Spring Roller Shades
Simplicity of design, durable materials and careful workmanship make Draper spring roller shades America's first choice for light control and room darkening. Draper shades are designed specifically for institutional use and manufactured to endure the toughest conditions. Draper shades are custom made to fit your windows and individually tested before shipment to make sure they operate perfectly. Please contact your Sharp School Services Representative for quantity pricing. 

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Manufacturer ID:Spring Roller Shade

Clutch FlexShade XD

Clutch FlexShade XD
One of Draper's more popular product's is the Clutch FlexShade XD Line:

Includes a premium clutch designed for the most demanding applications. Our XD clutch provides smooth, quiet operation even for larger clutch-operated shades. Internal rotation bearing ensures smooth, quiet operation.

The Manual FlexShade XD includes as standard: Fabric spline attachment and new heavy-duty clutch design. Metal tube, with stainless steel bead chain clutch operator on right side, standard, as seen from facing the window inside the room. Left side operator available. Chain tension device included.

Operating Mechanism: Stainless steel bead chain clutch standard (ivory, grey, black, white or brown polyester available at no extra charge).

  • This product can be ANSI/WCMA A100.1-202 compliant for areas where small children are present
  • Brackets for inside/outside/or ceiling mounting
  • Centered bead chain exit allows for right or left hand operation without field modification
  • Hem encasing aluminum slat, 1/8" or 1" or larger as required.  Hem pocket ends are heat seamed closed.
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty
Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for colors, field measurements, and pricing.

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Manufacturer ID:DSSC XD

Bottom-Up Flex Shades

Bottom-Up Flex Shades
Draper's Bottom-Up Flex Shades
Unlike traditional window shades, Draper’s patent pending Bottom-Up FlexShade™ provides privacy without eliminating natural daylight. Draper’s new Bottom-Up FlexShade utilizes natural daylighting to its fullest extent, while protecting work surfaces near the windows from harsh glare and excess heat. The window shade rises from a roller at the bottom of the unit. It blocks the sun’s rays at the bottom of the window, while allowing daylight to pass comfortably above people and objects adjacent to the window. By reducing glare and heat, the Bottom-Up FlexShade promotes a comfortable work or living environment.
Sizes are available through the size 12 ft. x 12 ft.  and larger, in many fabrics.

The draw cables that lift the shade fabric are under even and constant tension, allowing for easy operation of the shade. This lifts the shade fabric evenly and securely.

Three systems available for the Bottom-Up Flex Shades: Clutch XD, Motorized, and Motorized Dual Roller.

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for field measurements and pricing options.

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Manufacturer ID:DSC Btm-Up Series

EZ Fold Basketball Backstop

EZ Fold Basketball Backstop

The EZ Fold Basketball Backstop

In 1955 the EZ Fold basketball backstop introduced these design advantages: High-strength steel mechanical tubing frames reduce roof loads and wear on all moving parts. Tetrahedral frame geometry directs support braces toward the point of ball impact producing a very rigid system. Simplified operating mechanisms give smoother operation and reduced wear on all system components. Advanced tetrahedral frame designs allow EZ Fold to operate at extreme ceiling heights and eliminate heavy, expensive parallel drop frames or "cradles" commonly used by other manufacturers. This tradition of innovation has continued for nearly 50 years and today EZ Fold is the highest quality backstop on the market. Because of this unmatched quality, Draper is proud to be able to offer another unique feature: a 25-Year Limited Warranty.

EZ Fold designed and introduced the "Tetrahedral", or back-to-back right triangle backstop frame. This frame geometry produces an extremely rigid structural system by directing the support braces toward the point of ball impact, resulting in the shortest vibration recovery time in the industry.
Available in: Forward Folding, Rear Folding, Side Folding, Stationary, Wall Mounted, and Double Drop Frame options.

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for field measurements and pricing.

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Manufacturer ID:DSC EZ Fold Series

Elite Volleyball System

Elite Volleyball System
Draper's Elite Volleyball System

Single Court SystemThe EVS Elite Volleyball System is Draper’s top of the line volleyball system designed for today’s premier volleyball programs. EVS incorporates an internal spring assist mechanism to allow for easy, precise and infinite height adjustment. EVS easily locks in place with a pressure lock hand knob and post is clearly marked at normal competition heights.

Each EVS post has a 6’ (183cm) lower section constructed of 3-1/2" (89mm) diameter schedule 80 aluminum tubing, an upper section made of 2-7/8" (73mm) O.D. aluminum tubing with .300" (8mm) wall thickness. Each upright features an adjustable rubber foot for fine adjustments and protection of your court. Winch features a folding handle to provide maximum player safety.

Meets all NFHS, USA Volleyball, NCAA and FIVB requirements for competition equipment
Infinite height adjustment from 6’ to 8’4”
High maneuverability—Lightweight and easy to handle
Attractive anodized aluminum finish
Secure cast-in-place 3½” I.D. floor sleeves with choice of flush cover plates provide rigid support for life of installation
Tensioning winch is a heavy-duty, self locking, worm gear mechanism. A heavy 2” wide, high tensile strength, nylon strap with heavy-duty hook eliminates the possibility of hooks breaking and guarantees safe connection to the net-top cable
  • Telescoping Aluminum Standards (pair of 3.5" O.D. high-strength tubular standards)
  • Power volleyball net, 32' x 39 3/8'
  • Spring loaded rope tensioner
  • Combination antennae and boundary markers
  • (Optional) protective pads.  Two upright 5' 8" pads provide maximum player protection
  • Easy Storage - Can be hung on a wall with hooks
      ( Also Available - In a Two Court System)

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for field measurements and pricing.

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Manufacturer ID:DSC Elite Volleyball Part #500041