7 Device Tech Cart (IPT102)

7 Device Tech Cart (IPT102)
Copernicus 7 Device Tech Cart (IPT102)

Designed for classrooms.  The 7 device tech cart can safely store up to seven iPads, Chromebooks and other devices.  It is a highly mobile solution where students can easily access their devices and headphones without the need for adult assistance.  The cart can accomodate iPad Minis, 11" Chromebooks, and other devices.
Frame Dimensions: 16 5/8" w x 21" d x 33 3/8" h.
Frame with side mounted headphones: 23 3/4" w x 23" d x 33 3/8" h.
Maximum Tub Dimensions: 10 1/4" w x 2 1/5" h x 13 2/5" l.
  • 7 shallow tubs -all tubs made from 75% recycled material
  • Top or side mounted headphone rack holds up to 7 headphones
  • Tiny Tub provides storage for styluses or other accessories
  • 7 outlet power strip
  • 3" Casters, 2 - locking
                                   List Price: $414.75

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Manufacturer ID:COP IPT102

Tech Tub Cart with 4 Premium Tech Tubs

Tech Tub Cart with 4 Premium Tech Tubs
Copernicus Tech Tub Cart with 4 Premium Tech Tubs (TEC520C)

The Tech Tub mobile cart holds 4 Tech Tubs (holds up to 20 Chromebooks) and has locking doors to provide added security.  The cart fits through standard 30" doorways. Tech Tub Carts are an ideal solution for transporting devices from one location to another or used as a central resource for storing tech devices.
Frame measures 33" w x 20" d x 42" h.
Tech Tub dimensions: 14" long x 12" wide x 16" deep.
10-Year Frame Warranty.
  • Holds 4 Premium Chromebook Tech Tubs
  • Holds 20 Chromebooks
  • High Level security including tamper proof hardware
  • 4" Casters, 2-locking
  • Lock all four tubs to the cart with 1 lock
  • Top shelf for laptop, Apple TV, and USB Hub
  • Wire/power bar management
                                           List Price: $1671.60

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Manufacturer ID:COP TEC520C

iRover2 Interactive White Board (Base Unit)

iRover2 Interactive White Board (Base Unit)
Copernicus iRover2 Interactive White Board (Base Unit)

The i-Rover continues to build on the success of the Interactive-Rover product family. The new and versatile IWB102-UST1 iRover2 Base Unit is designed for Ultra-Short Throw Projector and Lightweight Boards. By including unique features, the IWB102-UST1 delivers full classroom mobility, adjustable board height options and introduces a new board tilting system. Other new features include a universal projector mount, rear facing magnetic dry erase whiteboard, secure locking box and storage tubs. With a 17" range, boards can be adjusted to view at high and low levels. The IWB102-UST1 boards can be viewed perpendicular to the floor or angled at 10 degrees in the lower height positions. It features 4"locking wheels for improved maneuverability. Wheels swivel and lock in two directions and are pinch point free. Power bar with 8" cord and six outlets. Fits through most doorways. The iRover2 meets the needs of teachers and students alike by creating a unique technological and traditional learning environment.  Please note: projector not included in iRover2 Base Unit.
Board thickness allowance is from 3/4" up to 1 7/8."
Lock Box (outer dimension): 20" w x 18.875" h x 15.25" d.
                  (inside dimension): 15.25" w x 13" h x 14.25" d.
Laptop Arm: 16.5" w x 11.75" d.
Tub Frame: 14.375" w x 19" h x 15" d.
Stability:  Wide Leg base (from Leg to Leg): 46.875" w x 30" d.
Rear Magnetic Whiteboard: 40.75" w x 21.25" h.
                            List Price: $1944.80

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Manufacturer ID:COP IWB102-UST

Deluxe Leveled Reading Book Browser 9

Deluxe Leveled Reading Book Browser 9
Copernicus Deluxe Leveled Reading Book Browser 9

Storage, storage, storage!  With three rows of deep tub storage there are endless organization possibilities within the classroom or library.  These carts are the ideal height for students and teachers to easily view and take books out of.
Frame dimensions: 36" h x 49" w x 21" d (racks installed)
Tubs measure: 12" long x 15" wides x 6" deep.
10-Year Frame Warranty                        List Price: $400.05
  • Deluxe option includes 2 small (sides) and one large book display (back)
  • 6 Divided Tubs and 3 Open Tubs
  • 2" locking casters

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Manufacturer ID:COP BB005-9-1

Phys Ed Cart (BC 300)

Phys Ed Cart (BC 300)
Phs Ed Cart (Item #BC 300)

Keep all of your equipment organized, accessible, and mobile.  The Phys-Ed Cart will keep you ready for the next activity during recess or Phys-Ed class allowing you to move inside and out.
Frame: 41" w x 23" d x 44" h.
Open Tubs measure: 15" w x 6" d x 12" l.
5-Year Frame Warranty                  List Price: $262.50

  • Large metal basket – fits up to 20 basketballs
  • Includes three removable Open Tubs, and Hoop Holder
  • Four 5” casters (two locking) to keep the cart in place

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Manufacturer ID:COP BC 300

STEM Marker Station (STEM 100)

STEM Marker Station (STEM 100)
Compernicus STEM Marker Station (STEM 100)

Schools everywhere are putting more and more emphasis on learning through building and hands-on experiences. The Compernicus STEM Maker Station allows classrooms to store all of their essential maker materials in one secure place and share a unit between classrooms. The STEM Maker Station is also ideal for libraries where diverse creative activities are undertaken and space is limited.
                                                        List Price: $712.95
Overall Frame Dimensions: 56" H x 47" H x 27"D
Tech Tub measures: 14" H x 12" W x 16" 
Open Tubs measure: 15" L x 12" W x 6" D
Small Tubs measure: 16" L x 6" W x 6" D
Tiny Tubs measure: 5" H x 3" W x 4" D
  • Base Tech Tub for locking up specialized equipment and tools
  • Cardboard or material storage rack
  • Tape/Ribbon/String Dispenser Rack
  • Coroplast overhead sign and display to personalize your station (letters not included)
  • Hooks for hanging accessories/tools
  • Large bottom shelf
  • Whiteboard for collaborative brainstorming & project planning
  • Pegboard for tool storage
 Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:COP STEM 100

Tech Tub2 Charging Cart

Tech Tub2 Charging Cart
Copernicus Tech Tub 2 10 Device Trolley (FT1010)

The Tech Tub2 was designed to Fit your devices, suit your budget, and it goes where you go! Developed with input from members of the Copernicus Idea Lab educator advisory team, the new Tech Tub2 offers an affordable, flexible and mobile solution for charging and storing devices used in PreK-8 classrooms. The Premium Tech Tub Trolley includes two Premium Tech Tub2 units which hold 10 iPads, Chromebooks™ or tablets. Store, charge and carry your devices anywhere in the school with ease.
List Price: $540.00         Warehouse Special Price: $318.00

Manufacturer ID:SSS WSCOP312/FT1010TB