Markerboard with Maprail

Markerboard with Maprail
LCS2048R 4'x8' Markerboard with Map Rail and Marker Tray. These deluxe units rate among our best markerboards. Available with our exclusive LCS white porcelain enamel writing surface. These units have a heavy satin anodized aluminum frame, a large chalkthrough with end closures, map rail with cork insert, 12 assorted LCS markers and a felt eraser with each unit. Units with map rail will have one map hook furnished for every three feet of map rail with a minimum of two furnished. Angle clips hangers are furnished for easy hanging.

Sizes also available are:

LCS2034R 3'x4 'w/ map rail 
LCS2044R 4'x4' w/ map rail 
LCS2046R 4'x6' w/ map rail 
LCS2048R 4' 8' w/ map rail 
LCS2410R 4'x10' w/ map rail 
LCS2412R 4'x12' w/ map rail 
LCS2416R 4'x16' w/ map rail 

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

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Manufacturer ID:LCS2034R LCS2044R LCS2046R LCS2048R