EZ Fold Basketball Backstop

EZ Fold Basketball Backstop

The EZ Fold Basketball Backstop

In 1955 the EZ Fold basketball backstop introduced these design advantages: High-strength steel mechanical tubing frames reduce roof loads and wear on all moving parts. Tetrahedral frame geometry directs support braces toward the point of ball impact producing a very rigid system. Simplified operating mechanisms give smoother operation and reduced wear on all system components. Advanced tetrahedral frame designs allow EZ Fold to operate at extreme ceiling heights and eliminate heavy, expensive parallel drop frames or "cradles" commonly used by other manufacturers. This tradition of innovation has continued for nearly 50 years and today EZ Fold is the highest quality backstop on the market. Because of this unmatched quality, Draper is proud to be able to offer another unique feature: a 25-Year Limited Warranty.

EZ Fold designed and introduced the "Tetrahedral", or back-to-back right triangle backstop frame. This frame geometry produces an extremely rigid structural system by directing the support braces toward the point of ball impact, resulting in the shortest vibration recovery time in the industry.
Available in: Forward Folding, Rear Folding, Side Folding, Stationary, Wall Mounted, and Double Drop Frame options.

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Manufacturer ID:DSC EZ Fold Series