VS Shift + Curved Mobile Cabinets

VS Shift + Curved Mobile Cabinets
VS Shift + Mobile Curved cabinets can serve a variety of purposes in your classroom.  They are sturdy, provide ample storage solutions, and some units have tubs that can be inserted for an additional storage options.  Handles are included at each end of the unit to provide ease of movement when repositioning your classroom cabinet.
Most units measure:41.53" w x 36" or 43" h x 16.73" deep.

   45307-43      43" high  60" long  No tote trays   Laminate: Walnut, w/ anthracite handles
       Reg. Price: $1308.00     Warehouse Special Price: $900.00 each  (2 In-Stock)


Manufacturer ID:WS45307-43