Assorted Activity Tables

Assorted Activity Tables

Activity tables can be used in many locations for a variety of purposes!

Size: 48"x48" Square                         Item: IW110DS                       
Legs are adjustable height                  
Laminate: Desert Zephyr       Edge: Bordeaux
Legs: Full Chrome        Quantity Available: 2      Special Price: $65.00

Size: 36" Diameter Round     Item: FS84936R   (Table top has one light scratch).
Laminate: Maple   Edge: Blue    
Quantity Available: 1      Special Price: $45.00

Size: 30" x 36" Rectangle                Item: FS8493036
Laminate: Grey    Edge: Grey
                                    Quantity Available: 4      Special Price: $45.00 each

Size: 24" x 60" Rectangle                Item: CR2460ANU-GA
Laminate: Brazilwood (Wilsonart 7946-38)
                                    Quantity Available: 4      Special Price: $95.00 each

Size: 30" x 60" Trapezoid               Item: FS8493060   (Slight edge chipping on tables)
Laminate: Grey Glace   Edge: Black

                                    Quantity Available: 4      Special Price: $85.00 each

Size:  30" x 72" Rectangle               Item: FSRE3072   
Laminate: Light Oak       Quantity Available: 1      Special Price: $140.00 each


Sharp ID:WSIW110DS